High pressure cleaning, high power vacuuming and industry cleaning services

Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh Ltd is known for specializing in demanding cleaning work. Our family company’s strengths are over 40 years of experience, innovative problem solving and diligence. Hans Langh founded Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh in 1973 (history in whole).

We get good feedback from our customers about our know-how, trustworthiness, kept schedules, speed and flexibility. No matter whether it is routine maintenance or damage from a sudden accident that you are dealing with we are ready around the clock.
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We are at your service 24/7

Getting the job done

Why should I use Hans Langh Cleaning Services? Because of the savings considering both time and expense.

In many cases our professionalism has saved the customer significant costs. For example maintenance work has been carried out on the sides of a ship while at sea, or the damage caused by an industrial fire has been repaired in record time and therefore production could be restarted earlier than expected.

In addition to our reliability and speed, an additional characteristic feature is our ingenuity. For example, tasks relating to the prevention of further damage are often very case-specific and the necessary cleaning methods have to be improvised on site in cooperation with the customer. Numerous such cases have strengthened and increased our share of experience.

When a customer tells us of something demanding that needs cleaning, we take it as a challenge. We think how we can solve the problem more effectively and in budget for the customer. And if there is no ready solution, we will develop one.

Prioritizing work safety

Safe work environment and conditions are priority for Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh Ltd.  We are committed in continuous improvement and evaluate safety in all jobs before we start. Our aim is to have work safety adapted as part of our every day organization culture, having it as a natural part of our job. Work safety is achieved together with skilled foremen, safety demands by management and well supported work-safety guidance and rules.

Healthy and safe working environment concludes zero injuries. We do not tolerate any behavior that puts our workers safety in risk. In case of a safety issue the situation is analysed in depth so that we can develop safer working conditions for everyone. All our employees are trained with safety precaution in mind to prevent any possible accidents. We expect that given guidelines are followed and that our employees also proactively pay attention if there are parts that still need further safety guidance.



Accountability as the starting point for all operations

For a company, whose area of operations is cleaning, and often also the handling and transportation of hazardous materials, the following of responsible operating methods and use of appropriate equipment is the starting point for all our activities.

Hans Langh Industry and Ship Cleaning Services is the oldest and longest-standing company in the industry in Finland. We are one of the first companies to build its operating practices according to quality standards. We have worked in accordance with standards ISO 14001 since the year 2000.

We work in close cooperation with the authorities and report back to them on our activities. The cooperation is open. A permit must be held in order to handle and transport hazardous materials, so everything has to be in order.

One of Hans Langh Cleaning Services’ strong areas of expertise is the handling of oils and prevention of oil spills. In this area of operations we work in cooperation with the Finnish Environment Institute.

We also work actively ourselves to reduce the burden on the environment. We have developed many of our operating methods ourselves and we continually strive to find solutions and methods that are ever more environmentally friendly. Especially the well-being of the Baltic Sea is a matter held dear by all Langh companies.


Welcome to work at Hans Langh Cleaning Services

We offer challenging but rewarding work for the real professionals in the industry and for those who want to become such professionals.

If you are interested in joining Langh’s group of professionals either on a permanent or part-time basis, contact us by filling in the form below and sending it to us. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory, and without completing them you cannot send the form.

We expect you to have a brisk attitude. C-level drivers license and driver qualification are a plus.