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Wet vacuum truck


Wet vacuum trucks are used for emptying and cleaning tanks. Our vacuum trucks are equipped with different pumps and tanks ranging from 8–16 m³. The most suitable vacuum equipment can be found for each job.


Some of our equipment can also be lifted and run on electricity, which means we can work in production areas, for example, without releasing emissions. Some of our trucks have a separate hydraulic pump, which allows suction and pumping simultaneously. This saves time, for example when vacuuming/pumping material from one tank to another, or in flood situations.


ADR vacuum truck with acid-resistant tank


  • ADR-iA multi-purpose problem solving machine: vacuums all kinds of liquids from petrol to acids.

  • Acid-resistant tank and suction pipes.

  • Two separate suction tanks (10 m³ and 6 m³). For instance,  two liquids that are strongly reactive when mixed do not need two separate vacuum trucks.

  • Efficient 2,000 m³/h acid-resistant vane pump.


Some of our vacuum trucks are what we call combination trucks, which include cleaning equipment for rinsing drains or a lighter high pressure washer for smaller cleaning tasks.

Cleaning up oil spills


The cleaning of oil, especially heavy oil spills, is an area we specialize in. We have versatile specialist equipment at our disposal for the cleaning of oil spills: hot water cleaners, mobile steam-heating coils for heating heavy oil, vacuum units and trailers equipped with heating coils, as well as other vacuum and pumping equipment. If an oil spill takes you by surprise, Hans Langh Cleaning Services will take care of it professionally and quickly, on land and at sea.

Pesupalvelu Hans Langhin öljyisten vesien käsittelylaitos

Our oil water processing plant in Piikkiö utilizes the best technology available. (BAT)

Vacuum trucks in Turku and Helsinki


We are located at Piikkiö and Vuosaari. Therefore we can quickly serve our customers in

  • Turku

  • Southwest Finland

  • Helsinki

  • Capital area


Our suction trucks are available for demanding cleaning work also in greater part of Finland.

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