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Cleaning services for ships and docks

We have over 40 years of experience in solving demanding cleaning challenges relating to ship maintenance. This brings efficiency to our operations. For our customers our professionalism and modern tools mean savings, as work carried out by Langh is completed quickly. The valuable vessel is back in traffic in no time at all, once again producing capital for its owner.


Cost-effective solutions


In addition, we have developed unique solutions in cooperation with our customers for the challenges of cleaning operations. That is why Hans Langh cleaning services can offer its customers solutions which cannot be found elsewhere. This offers unbeatable savings regarding both time and expense.

We do regular ship cleaning in the Baltic Sea region at

  • Sweden

  • Estonia

  • Poland

  • Denmark

  • Germany


If needed we can be at your aid even on the other side of the world in no time.

Emptying and cleaning of tanks

We specialize in cleaning ship tanks and pipes.

We clean at harbor, dock and sea

  • heavy oil tanks

  • diesel tanks

  • ballast water tanks

  • freshwater tanks


We use efficient vacuum and cleaning equipment to empty and clean tanks. Our versatile equipment offers the right solution for any emptying and cleaning situation and place.

Emptying and cleaning septic and evac tanks are done with routine. When cleaning freshwater tanks and pipes we also disinfect them.

There can be bacteria in diesel oil tanks, which requires total hot steam cleaning and chemical handling to get rid of the issue. We also fetch scrubber waste from ships.

We use our own detergents and warm water when we clean, which uses less water.

Bilge cleaning


Tank and bilge cleaning is one of Hans Langh Cleaning Services areas of expertise and perhaps the most significant and busiest single area of our ship services. Our customers place special value on our ability to carry out bilge and tank cleaning while the ship is at sea.

We have developed a compact suction device for bilge and tank cleaning. It is also suitable for the cramped engine room but nevertheless offers the suction power of a normal vacuum truck!

When cleaning a bilge we truly vacuum and wash away all oil dirt, not just hide it.

Our own detergents are specifically designed for these demanding cleaning tasks.

Cleaning of engine rooms, engine shafts and funnels


The cleaning of engine shafts and funnels requires good working methods and excellent workmanship.

Cleaning of engine rooms, engine shafts and funnels regularly is important part of fire safety. Before cleaning we carefully protect sensitive areas and, after cleaning, we remove the remaining water from all levels with a suction unit.

Cleaning of cargo decks and holds

We quickly and efficiently

  • clean

  • disinfect

  • remove odors, after for example a cargo of fish meal.

The proper cleaning of a sooty main deck on a ro-ro ship by our teams often produces the same result as re-painting the deck, which is a much more expensive option.

Cleaning the sides and decks of a ship

For cleaning the sides and decks we use high pressure cleaning devices. High pressure cleaning is a highly effective cleaning method.

Paint removal


We use high pressure equipment with a range of 500 – 3,000 bar to blow away paint. The removal of paint on level surfaces is successfully carried out with a surface cleaner which can be connected directly to a vacuum truck.

Vacuuming sandblasting sand


High-power vacuuming of sandblasting sand with high pressure vacuum truck is time saving method in repair work.

Prevention of further damages

Over the years we have taken care of the cleaning of engine rooms after fires or after the ship has run aground. The majority of these assignments come from abroad, and we have established an international reputation for being a leading company in the field.

In these cases, valuable assets are often at stake and the nearest help is not always the best help! Fast and professional action contains the damage, decreases the repair time and saves on expenses.

Fast cleaning minimizes damages


During a fire in the engine room, large quantities of chlorides are released from the engine room’s cable compound, and these combine with steam in the air to aggressive acids.

In such cases, all machined surfaces (including the insides of machines and equipment) and electronics in particular are at risk.

Following a fire, it is important to determine the level of chloride contamination in different parts of the engine room and follow up with a plan of action. A quick test using the silver nitrate method can be conducted and accurate numerical values can be determined more precisely by using measuring equipment.

In situations following engine room fires and ships running aground, the protection of machinery and equipment from corrosion is of primary importance.

For example in situations where the engine room has flooded, the pumping of the engine room should not begin until a conservation team is on site.

If necessary, we can take care of the machines until they are back up and running.

Asbestos removal from old ships


We are an authorized asbestos removal company and we remove asbestos from pipe systems, boilers and other areas safely, thoroughly and professionally. Depending on the site, the work can also be carried out while the ship is at sea.

Cleaning up oil spills


We have versatile specialist equipment at our disposal for the cleaning of oil spills:

  • hot water cleaners

  • mobile steam-heating coils for heating heavy oil

  • vacuum units and trailers equipped with heating coils

  • trailers

  • other vacuum and pumping equipment for handling very stiff oil


Please contact.


Cleaning services for properties and
construction sites

In construction, renovation and real estate maintenance, there are situations where Langh’s specialist skills are warmly recommended. For example, the removal of earth and insulation materials or mould eradication and the handling of dangerous materials are taken care of rapidly and effectively with our specialist tools. We are also experienced with the prevention of further damage after fires.

Construction and insurance companies have long used Langh’s services. Our skills are equally available for use by both housing organisations and private real estate owners. Typical projects in small housing areas are the unblocking of drains and vacuuming of base floor and roof cavities.

We offer our cleaning services with quick response time at the whole southern part of Finland. 

Hydrodemolition of bridge and concrete structures


We use high pressure water to break concrete and other porous material with accuracy and good workmanship.  Hydrodemolition is kind to structures because damaged parts can be removed without damaging healthy structures.  The pressure levels of our Ultra High Pressure cleaning equipment  are 1000 bar, 2 500 bar and 3 000 bar.

Advantage for hydrodemolition is that the remaining steel comes up unbroken and clean with a surface that aids further working with concrete. With the help of hydrodemolition the the end result is of high-quality.

Water jet cutting of concrete and steel


With water jet cutting concrete and steel can be cut without vibration and sparks. This method is highly recommended for example for making different holes to tanks, floors and many fire-sensitive targets.  For example water jet cutting has been used in elevator renovations. In our opinion water jet cutting is better than diamond cutting since its more agile allowing customer needs to be taken into consideration.

In special places, like ship tanks, thanks to water jet cutting, the space does not need to be gas free. Thanks to water jet cutting and our skilled and punctual staff the temperature will not rise.

Removal of plaster and coating

Removal of plaster and coating is possible two separate ways:

  • High Pressure cleaning

  • Wet Sandblasting

The removal of paint on level surfaces is successfully carried out with a surface cleaner which can be connected directly to a vacuum truck.

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Façade renovations


High-pressure cleaning and suitable detergent is a noteworthy, dust-free alternative when renovating façades.

Painted surfaces (even those that contain asbestos), plaster and other façade coatings are removed efficiently without irritating dust and sand emissions.

Removing graffiti


Removing graffiti and daub is done with hot water cleaner and matching detergent. Detergent is selected by the surface material.

Rinsing and imaging of pipe systems


We unblock, drain and rinse with quality and accuracy pipe systems and sewers. Video camera equipment can be used to determine the condition of the target. We can also empty different kind of wells such as sand separation wells,  storm water drains, oil traps, grease traps or cesspools in time and according to your needs.

Removal of soil and insulating mass


High-power vacuuming is efficient method in removing soil and insulating mass. When renovating floor/crawl space, removing soil and insulating mass comes often relevant. This could mean that calling our high-power vacuum truck to aid is the best idea. Especially if you have sand, concrete waste or crushed brick. If needed, the vacuumed substance, can also be crushed at the scene, so you don’t need to think if some parts of the waste are too big.  Vacuuming and blowing shingle, macadam and gravel is no news to us. Vacuuming sawdust and wool is handy with a high-power vacuum truck which especially prevents you from having dust all over.

Vacuuming roofs empty from sawdust, shavings and straws in old buildings is done dust free and time saving with high-power vacuum truck.

Prevention of further damage

After initial damage prevention and drying we will do the further damage clean up. If needed, we will arrange power generators and heat to the damaged areas.

For more than 30 years, we have carried out cleaning work and further damage prevention after fires for our customers. We are skilled, fast and cost-efficient in preventing further damage!

Drying and heating

Thanks to our effective drying container we can dry out and keep areas warm no matter how cold outside. This helps to prevent damages caused by freezing which could cause significant expenses.

Asbestos removal in buildings

Please read more here.

Cleaning services for industry


Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh handles professionally clean ups during maintenance, shutdown and sudden interference.

Our services include:

  • emptying tanks

  • cleaning up

    • tanks outside and inside

    • cauldrons

    • process and production lines

    • power plants

    • heat exchangers

  • Cleaning and vacuuming silos

  • Rinsing and drying piping

  • Opening of tubes

  • Asbestos removal

  • Prevention of further damages


Please contact us.

Hans Langh is a professional with years of experience!

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