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Efficient high-power vacuuming

We have four high-power vacuum trucks that can be used for both wet and dry materials such as

  • sand

  • shingle

  • gravel

  • sawdust

  • ash

  • chalk

  • grains

Pesupalvelu Hans Langhin Suurtehoimuauto

High-powered vacuuming truck is suitable for gathering up insulation, saw dust, sand, gravel and clay.


Vacuuming different kinds of materials

Heat and height differences are not a problem. The hottest material we have vacuumed was almost 1,000 degrees Celsius, and the distance from the material to be vacuumed can be up to 50 m vertically and up to 300 m horizontally.

Some of our high-power vacuum trucks are also suitable for vacuuming asbestos. If necessary, the material to be vacuumed can be crushed so that brick, tile or other big particles can be vacuumed directly into the vacuum truck.

High-power vacuuming at construction sites

In construction, renovation and real estate maintenance, there are situations where Langh’s specialist skills are warmly recommended. For example, the removal of earth and insulation materials or mould eradication and the handling of dangerous materials are taken care of rapidly and effectively with our specialist tools. We are also experienced with the prevention of further damage after fires.

Construction and insurance companies have long used Langh’s services. Our skills are equally available for use by both housing organisations and private real estate owners. Typical projects in small housing areas are the unblocking of drains and vacuuming of base floor and roof cavities.


Dust removal

We can efficiently remove dust from surfaces, floors and cable trays of production spaces with our high-power vacuum truck. If necessary, the truck can provide up to four independent vacuum hoses.

We also carry out the high pressure cleaning of hall interiors and exteriors.

Power and technique:
  • horizontal vacuuming distance up to 300 m

  • air volume 8,020 m³/h

  • vacuuming of dry material: up to 50 m from below ground level (for liquids, tens of meters)

  • horizontal blowing up to 150 m

  • tank capacity 13–15 m³

  • 45 m² filter efficiently filters all dust

  • also suitable for vacuuming asbestos

  • some of the trucks are equipped with winches and steering rods that make the work easier and help to pull up the hoses


High-power vacuum trucks can also be used to blow for example gravel and shingle safely and efficiently into needed places.

We offer our services through out Finland. 


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