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High Pressure Cleaning and hydro-demolition

The pressure levels of our high pressure cleaning equipment ranges between 500 – 3,000 bar. Depending on the site, we choose the best high pressure cleaning device for the high pressure cleaning task at hand.


Even the most stubborn dirt will be removed from metal surfaces at a pressure of up to 3,000 bar! Using this device, we can also water blast concrete, remove surfaces such as rubber, epoxy and plastics from floors, walls, tanks and other structures efficiently and dust-free.

Pesupalveu Hans Langhin kalustoa huolletaan

Ultra high pressure cleaning

The cleaning and removal of surface coating with ultra high pressure (UHP 3,000 bar).

Using pressure of up to 3,000 bar, we can water-blast concrete, remove surfaces, such as rubber, epoxy and plastics from floors, walls, tanks and other structures, efficiently and dust-free.

Professional tank and pipe system cleaning

Industrial tanks and pipe systems are cleaned with experience and modern equipment. We also carry out pumping, transfers and temporary storage.

  • Location of problems in pipe systems and drains

    • Cleaning of pipes

    • Unblocking and rinsing of pipe systems

  • Whether your tank is big or small, whether it contains chemicals or oil, we will always

    • find a suitable cleaning method and the tools to clean it

    • We are especially skilled with heavy oil tanks.

    • We can also pump and transfer oil using full truck and trailer equipment and provide temporary storage for the oil.

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Pesupalvelu Hans Langhin työntekijä suorittaa julkisivun pesua.

Prevention of further damage

For more than 30 years, we have carried out cleaning work and further damage prevention after fires for our customers. We are skilled, fast and cost-efficient in preventing further damage!

Hans Langh Cleaning Services is one of the founding members of the Finnish Union for Damage Prevention and Drying (JVT- ja kuivausalanliitto) and an authorised further damage prevention company.

We are at your service for demanding and complex high pressure cleaning in Turku, Helsinki and the whole of Finland.

Please contact.

Dry Ice Cleaning / Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is the best solution when dirt must be removed without damaging the underlying surface, and when water cannot be used. The method of dry ice cleaning was developed in the USA, and it is a well recognized technique with many different applications throughout several industries.


In Finland dry ice cleaning has been used over 15 years with excellent results. It is at its best when cleaning is otherwise very difficult or entirely impossible. The method is also completely dry and does not use any harmful chemical compounds.


Dry ice blasting works by blowing carbon dioxide granules onto a surface using pressurized air. When a granule hits the surface, it transfers an amount of heat necessary for sublimation. This cools the immediate surface area down to -70 °C (-57 °F) so quickly that the stress breaks molecular bonds, which then causes the dirt to separate from the surface. When it sublimates, the volume of carbon dioxide also expands 800-fold from its original which further loosens any foreign particles still stuck to the surface.


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